Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers for Leverage Seeds Limited


What is Leverage Seeds Limited?

Leverage Seeds Limited is a Nigerian-based indigenous seed company that provides top-quality seeds, agrochemicals, and fertilizers to farmers and agricultural businesses in Nigeria and West Africa.

Is Leverage Seeds Limited a registered and licensed seed company?

Yes, Leverage Seeds Limited is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria under company registration number 1835094. We are also licensed by the National Agricultural Seed Company to operate in compliance with relevant regulations and guidelines in Nigeria.

What types of seeds does Leverage Seeds Limited sell?

Leverage Seeds Limited sells a wide variety of seeds and planting materials, including vegetable seeds, cereal crop seeds, legume seeds, seed yam, and cassava stem cuttings, among others.

Are Leverage Seeds Limited’s seeds of high quality?

Yes, Leverage Seeds Limited’s seeds are of the highest quality. They are tested to ensure they meet the highest standards of germination, purity, and vigor.

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Are the seeds from Leverage Seeds Limited genetically modified?

No, the seeds sold at Leverage Seeds Limited are non-genetically modified.

What kind of agrochemicals and fertilizers does Leverage Seeds Limited offer?

Leverage Seeds Limited offers a range of agrochemicals and fertilizers that are designed to promote plant growth, control pests and diseases, and improve soil quality. The product catalog is available at

Are the products from Leverage Seeds Limited affordable?

Leverage Seeds Limited strives to offer its products at competitive prices to ensure that farmers and agricultural businesses can access high-quality inputs at affordable rates.

How can I purchase seeds, agrochemicals, and fertilizers from Leverage Seeds Limited?

Interested individuals or businesses can contact (by phone or WhatsApp) Leverage Seeds Limited at +2347063373574 or +971501472369 to place an order for their products.

Can I purchase seeds online from Leverage Seeds Limited?

Yes, you can purchase seeds, agrochemicals, and fertilizers online from Leverage Seeds Limited’s website (, then click on shop which will take you to our e-commerce website.

Does Leverage Seeds Limited sell its products in bulk?

Yes, Leverage Seeds Limited sells its products in bulk. Customers can contact the company for information on bulk orders and pricing.

Does Leverage Seeds Limited provide delivery services?

Yes, Leverage Seeds Limited provides delivery services for its products. Customers can select the delivery option during checkout on the website or contact the company for more information.

Does Leverage Seeds Limited provide technical support to farmers?

Yes, Leverage Seeds Limited provides technical support to farmers to help them achieve the best yields from their crops. This includes guidance on seed selection, crop management, and pest and disease control.

Can I return a product purchased from Leverage Seeds Limited?

Leverage Seeds Limited has a return policy for defective products. Customers can contact the company for information on how to return a defective product.

Does Leverage Seeds Limited have any social responsibility initiatives?

Yes, Leverage Seeds Limited has social responsibility initiatives that include providing support and training to local farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture practices.

Where is Leverage Seeds Limited located?

Leverage Seeds Limited is located in Nigeria, with its headquarters at No. 15, Bethel House, Onilearo, Oojo Ibadan, and its factory at No. 1, along Sokoto Road, adjacent to the Nigerian Prison, Makera, Fubtua, and Katsina State.

How can I contact Leverage Seeds Limited for more information?

Interested individuals can contact Leverage Seeds Limited via email (, phone (+2347063373574 or +971501472369), or through their website ( to learn more about their products and services.

Is leverage seeds limited on social media?

Yes, Leverage Seeds Limited is on social media. You can connect with us on